Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas (SPOILER REVIEW)

Firstly, apologies for the long-awaited review. This semester has been jam packed with assessments that seem to be growing in number rather than diminishing. Nevertheless…

On the ninth of September (9/9- oo creepy!) I finished the second book in the Throne of Glass series titled, Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas. Wow! How awesome was this book?! I couldn’t help but continuously compare the characters of Celaena, Chaol and Dorian to the world wide famous trio Hermione, Harry and Ron especially towards the scene at the end of this book.

What I most enjoyed about this novel was how the action heightened greatly. I’m always dying for more and was thrilled when Maas did enhance the level of thrill towards this world that has our curious minds constantly questioning.

If you haven’t read this book already I urge you to do so as it is amazing and is definitely full of action you so have been craving for.

Without further ado, I’m going to dive into spoilers. You have been warned.


So… I had only read the first two chapters of this book and was already saying, “THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!” The way that Maas labelled Celaena as “The King’s Champion” rather then by her own name at the beginning enabled a different perspective of the story to unfold. Maas absorbed us in such detailed imagery from the beginning, “The shutters swinging in the storm winds were the only sign of her entry” making us feel sympathetic towards a husband who holds his wife close in his arms as they lay soundlessly asleep before Celaena enters the bedroom. To kill them? Oh so we thought. I LOVE the way Maas startled us to believe that Celaena obeyed the King’s orders of murdering the innocent to finding out the truth that Celaena had been doing the complete opposite of that order. Celaena has not just perfected her artistry with weapons yet has mastered the skill of H1 level lying. Maybe she should teach The Boy Who Cried Wolf a trick or two.

This book had a lot of twists and turns which shocked me to the point where I was left some what disappointed. It saddened me to hear that the King murdered the singer, Rena Goldsmith, a woman who once performed to an audience who froze for two hours “as if everyone had stopped breathing.” Maas was truly able to highlight the essence of who Rena was by describing her red-gold hair and “her voice [being] soft, ethereal, the sound of a lullaby half-remembered.” I think in these few moments of discovering who she was enabled me to develop this strong connection towards her despite how short our meeting was. In particular, I was drawn towards her courage towards fighting for what she believes in through song. The line, “Perhaps there was an unstoppable magic inherent in music and art” really captured my heart. I’m currently studying a Bachelor in Fine Arts and sometimes it is daunting thinking towards what my future will be like knowing how many cuts and disposable accusations are being made to the funding of the arts. This line rang true to me as I am one who feels completely and whole-heartedly warped when either singing or dancing. It is as if I am the only person here on earth and there is this notion that I may or may not of created or am magical. I couldn’t of agreed more towards believing that music and art are a cure for both the soul and the mind. You won’t be shocked to hear how mortified I was when Rena recited the list of the dead and stated, “I have worked for ten years to become famous enough to gain an invitation to this castle. Ten years, so I could come here to sing the songs of magic that you tried to wipe out. So I could sing those songs, and you would know that we are still here – that you may outlaw magic, that you may slaughter thousands, but we who keep the old ways still remember.” How courageous and true she was despite knowing her fate. This is exactly the path I must take, to be wise and honest, despite not knowing what the future may have in store for myself.

Adding to another moment where I was pulled off the edge of my seat falling in a crumpled heap on the floor… OH MY GOD!! The last page of Part One: The King’s Champion!! I can not believe Maas killed off Nehemia! I was highly disturbed and pissed off that I had to put the book down and question whether it was even possibly for me to continue reading. Nehemia was one of my favourite characters and to have that brutal imagery of blood spilled all over the room and the last line highlighting her on the bed. I just could not believe it. I tried to read Part Two: The Queen’s Arrow but the first line, “Celaena stared at the body” was just too fucking much. How could you, Maas !!! Thank goodness Celaena had a revengeful death that couldn’t of been more sweet and sour.

Baba Yellowlegs was a character I deeply disliked and was happy to watch go. Every time she was involved I got more creeped out especially towards the scene when she nearly caught Celaena with the surrounding mirrors and the echo of her voice. I was so relieved when Celaena put an end to her yet I have a feeling more horror is to come with this witch. We may see more witches down the line in this series and I’m scared but also surprisingly excited for this to be true.

If you read my last review you will remember that I ship Dorian and Celaena together so it may not come as a surprise to you my soaring dislike towards the relationship formed between Celaena and Chaol in this book. I couldn’t help but almost spew at the line, “In that moment, after ten long years, Celaena looked at Chaol and realized she was home.” I respect those of you who do ship them as we all have differing opinions yet Chaol is just not my cup of tea. Seriously, how can one pass up someone like Dorian who is a complete hot-TEA? Wow! I’m hilarious (I deeply apologise for that one).

What I loved about this book was how we found out that Dorian has magic. Like how on earth is it only now that he has discovered this powerful force inside of him? And wow does it add to his personality. Reow! How can you not be falling for him all over again, Celaena? I also love that Dorian and Celaena both dream about the royals: Celaena has dreams about Elena, the first Queen of Adarlan while Dorian dreams about Gavin, the first King of Adarlan. I find it so satisfying knowing that these two have such a deep connection that ties them so perfectly together yet they don’t even know it. Oh please, I beg of you to bring them together, Maas !!!

I wonder if I was the only one who freaked out at the end of the book when Fleetfoot ran through the portal. I have a dog of my own and immediately went into protective mode. I mean I didn’t mind Chaol going into the portal as I’m one who wouldn’t of minded if he didn’t come back yet bringing an animal into this is puts me on a whole other level which my heart is unable to handle. Yet all in all, wow was this scene incredibly engaging. I couldn’t stop reading to find out more and more about how these three individuals were going to defeat this creature especially when the plot twist arose that “Celaena was fae.” To add to this she’s also the mother fucking QUEEN of Terrasen AKA Aelin Galathynius AKA “HOW ON EARTH WERE YOU HIDING THAT PLOT TWIST THE ENTIRE TIME, MAAS?!” Please excuse the cursing  yet these were such awesome moments I couldn’t help but jump for joy finding out about all this drama. Who would of thought Celaena is even more bad ass then we thought. The way Maas unveiled that Celaena is actually Aelin was so perfectly done and ending the novel on that twist was incredible. “Ashryer eyes. The fairest eyes, from legends old. Of brightest blue, ringed with gold” to Chaol’s reaction of, “[sinking] to his knees.” Oh my goodness! Best end to a book ever!

I rate this book 4.5/5 stars. Despite those Chaolena moments I was up to 12am reading this book which truly highlights just how much I love this series already and can not wait to read the next one. I’m incredibly curious towards how Chaol is going to deal with this wyrdkeys business especially under the nose of the King and having Celaena free from his side. This is going to be one epic twist upon twists. I can feel it.

If you have not read this book yet I urge you to do so as soon as possible. You won’t regret it. Looking forward to hearing about what you thought of it and reviewing the next novel in the series soon.

For now, I hope you are enjoying your day and are indulging yourself in the addiction that is books. Devour. Devour. Devour.

Sidney xx


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